Culture, nature and historic buildings

The Surroundings

The Beerze Brewery Hotel has a long and rich history. For centuries the brewery has been located at the village square. According to statements, the brewery was already active long before 1716. Nowadays, the buildings have been restored and are protected by municipal heritage.

Vessem is also known for its historical sights. For example, the saint Lambertus Church with paintings by Jos Lommen, a pupil of Pierre Cuypers, dates from 1882. Furthermore, the historic corn mill, Jacobus, is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. All sights are located in the core of Vessem and can be visited with a short walk through the village.

Vessem is located in the Kempen region, Southeast Brabant. A region rich in history such as gnome king Kyrië and roman settlements. The Kempen nature is characterized by beautiful forest and nature areas. The large and small lake, the Cartier Heide of approximately 172 hectares and The Landschotse Heide, a nature reserve of 239 hectares, are located in the immediate surroundings of the hotel.

Beerze Brouwerij Hotel